Set Free

Paul wrote, “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free” (Galatians 5:1, NIV). Our freedom is not just a concept; it is a reality that should be experienced daily. But what is this freedom?

It is freedom from religious expectations that burden us. It is freedom to love each other as Christ loved us. It is freedom to care for and help others. It is freedom to be what God created us to be as individuals and as his family.

It is not freedom to sin but freedom to follow Jesus. It is freedom to love, have joy and peace, be gentle, kind, and patient—all a part of the fruit of the Holy Spirit. It is freedom to seek God and his righteousness by serving him and each other instead of serving our lusts and addictions. We have been set free to follow Jesus!


About Ruel Guerrero

I am no better than the average person. Whatever I write here in this blog are my thoughts and insights based on my personal studies and experiences. I live by the mercy of God and write by His grace. I am simply a follower of Jesus with nothing to brag about. Whatever accomplishments I have made and will make through this blog, I do by His eternal grace and will. Let Him alone be glorified.
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