Listen to Jesus

When Jesus went up the mountain with three of his disciples, he was transfigured before them. They saw Moses and Elijah talking with Jesus.

They were so awed by their presence that Peter suggested that they put up monuments for all three. But the Father spoke from heaven and said, “This is my Son, whom I have chosen; listen to him” (Luke 9:35, NIV).

It is human to be awed by Moses and Elijah, two huge characters in the Old Testament who represented the law and the prophets, respectively. But the Father said that we must listen to Jesus.

It is Jesus who is our Lord. We need to listen to him and follow his move in our time.


About Ruel Guerrero

I am no better than the average person. Whatever I write here in this blog are my thoughts and insights based on my personal studies and experiences. I live by the mercy of God and write by His grace. I am simply a follower of Jesus with nothing to brag about. Whatever accomplishments I have made and will make through this blog, I do by His eternal grace and will. Let Him alone be glorified.
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