Our goal as a congregation is to simply align our strategies with what Jesus gave to the Church:

  • An intimate relationship with Jesus as our Bridegroom who is desperately in love with His Bride, the Church
  • Love one another as Jesus loved us, laying down our lives for each other in all aspects of life wherever it may be
  • Celebrate and proclaim the love of Jesus expressed on the cross through a grassroots-type communion — the marriage feast of Jesus — inviting the least, oppressed, rejected, and discriminated.

We aim to translate these strategies into down-to-earth ways that express the love of Jesus and our love for Him through our love for each other.

  • Learn to listen to the voice of God and follow his instruction daily. Go where he wants us to go. Obey and do the stuff that Jesus did on earth. Have an intimate relationship with him so we know how he feels and what he desires.
  • Love one another by following the many one-another instructions found in the New Testament. Lay down our lives for each other daily by sacrificing in whatever way we can whether that be our finances, time, emotions, rights, or anything else, including forgiving each other and bearing with each other. And, laying down our lives for our neighbors too by serving them in areas where they need help.
  • Gather in small groups/communities of believers, celebrate communion as a feast, serve each other with spiritual gifts, inviting those who cannot pay us back, and proclaiming the Kingdom of God to them through extending healing and friendship.
  • Empower and mentor the church in spiritual gifts so that each member can serve all the other parts of the Body of Christ.
  • Send out the church on mission with the Holy Spirit. The mission is not to draw people to a huge central gathering. The mission is to invite people to the great marriage feast of Jesus, to take part in the harvest by being a harvester. (The harvest is not a mission to bring in the grain, but a mission to replant the grain and reap an ever-growing harvest.)

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