We value the Lordship of Jesus over His Church and His intimate and unfailing love for His Bride and Body. We desire to obey him in every aspect of life and to lift him up through our lives of sacrifice and death of self in every relationship. We value His humility and servanthood and desire to emulate Him and His apostles as they expressed His humility and servanthood on earth. We depend on Jesus, the leading and guidance of His Spirit.

We value each other, the Body of Christ incarnate, in our communities and families. We desire to develop nurturing relationships among each other and with our neighbors. We desire to reach out to others with the love of the Father and draw them to become disciples of Jesus and be taught and transformed by the Holy Spirit.

We value the priesthood of all believers, the work of the Holy Spirit through each saint, serving each other and the world. We desire that every mature believer would support and encourage the work of every saint in serving the entire body of Christ.

We value the Church expressed at the grassroots level, touching the lives of people in their homes and communities. We desire every believer to step out as lambs among wolves, bringing the Kingdom of God and the love of the Father to all communities. We desire the simplicity of the Gospel and the uncomplicated expression of the Body of Christ.

We value family and community. We are one Family with the Father as our one Father. We want to empower every family unit to serve and grow each other. We are one Community brought together by God to care for each other, not only spiritually, but also physically.

We value freedom in Christ. Every believer is free to follow and obey Christ as he/she is led by the Holy Spirit. We will not impose any regulation or practice that is not required in the New Covenant. We will not put pressure on any believer to conform to practices that are individual preferences. Within the limits of the Law of Love, we allow every believer to live his/her life as he/she is led by the Holy Spirit.

We value sacrificial love above and beyond any other spiritual gift. Love is greater than faith and hope as taught by the apostle Paul. Love is defined in 1 Corinthians 13 and expressed by Christ’s example on the cross, laying down his life for us to express the greatest love of all (John 15:13).

We value the move of the Holy Spirit and being Spirit-led. We honor the Holy Spirit as our Counselor and Leader. We seek to be actively responsive to the Holy Spirit’s daily leading of our personal lives and mission. We desire to live in the Spirit and to walk in the Spirit in our daily lives individually and collectively.

We value the equality of all brothers and sisters in Christ — the stronger believer serving the needs of the weaker believer (instead of placing demands on the weaker) — the believer with sufficient provision providing for the needs of the needy believer.

We value the Body of Christ. We are convinced that all who belong to Christ are one in His Body, the Church. We aim to maintain unity by honoring all who call on Jesus’ name and by seeking reconciliation with all parts of the Church. We believe that it is only in loving all our brothers and sisters and in complete unity that we will see the world come to accept that Jesus is the Sent One.

We value servanthood. We believe that Christ has put significant responsibility in the hands of older believers, those who are mature in the faith. We aim to serve all believers with humility, selflessness, grace, care for the sheep, and a sincere desire to equip the Body of Christ so that the Body can edify itself.

We value integrity. It is important for us to speak the truth, deal honestly, and live authentically without hypocrisy.

We value discipleship. Our intent is to teach all believers to believe Jesus’ words, obey His commands, and do His works. We aim first to grow as disciples of Christ ourselves and then to make disciples of others. We believe that discipleship is primarily pass- ing on life as Christ lived it with his values. We aim to immerse the disciple 24/7 in the life of Christ so that he too may pass on the same life to others.

We value intimacy with God. He is a personal God and wants to develop a deep, personal, and intimate relationship with each of his children. Jesus in the Bridegroom who longs to have a very deep and intimate relationship with his Bride, the Body of Christ. We desire to listen to him and walk with him daily.


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